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Dirt Go Away Wireless Rotary Electric Mop ( 1 Set)

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Are you tired of disgusting mops? A new and better cleaning innovation has arrived called Spin Away!
Do you feel burned out in cleaning every mess at home? Are you tired of using costly cleaning mops for your floor, while not being happy with the outcomes?
Do you need a more straightforward, less tiring method for cleaning your house? Then you need the wireless rotary electric mop set!
We know how baffling it is to get the right cleaning equipment while spending on an assortment of cleaning instruments which require a lot of cash and with little or no outcomes.
Since your health is vital astonishing 3 in 1 electronica wipe will protect your hands and back from too much stress while also making your home a germ-free place.
The wireless rotary electric mop set is fully wireless, with double heads that have turning activity for additional power. It mops, cleans and scours a wide range of surfaces, including the delicate ones.
It has a rechargeable battery of 2200 mA, is eco-friendly and can work independently for 20 minutes.
It contains two pads that are easily washable and interchangeable, with a dedicated button for water spraying. Also, the it has an ergonomic handle.

The wireless rotary electric mop set is not just an ordinary turning mop. It has the latest technology to make your floors flawless, by wiping, cleaning and scouring simultaneously. Turn your floors to look sparkly and clean with the press of a button.

Full Access
This electronic mop is cordless device that will clean out reach places in your kitchen, restroom or some other floor surface of your home.
You can utilize it on delicate surfaces, like hardwood floors, without harming its natural look!

Sparkling Clean
This mop has a rotating speed of 250 r/m and has double wipe head rotors with microfiber that help adequately remove sticky, greasy stains or mess from floors. It wipes, scours, waxes and cleans simultaneously.

Effortless Cleaning
It has ergonomic handle that can likewise swivel 180 degrees and it is simple for you to drive it forward and backward. It can get into breaks and fissure for an entire clean. You don’t have to bend or kneel, and the mop is cordless!
Do you want to take your floors to the next level? Get yours now!

Do you want to take your floors to the next level? Get your now!

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Cleaning pads are washable and reusable.