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Non-stick BBQ Grill Mat

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You love to grill but hate the messy clean-up? 

The BBQ Grill Mat allows you to enjoy your food the same way your grill would simply without having to deal with the headache of cleaning the grill up afterwards.
The mat doesn't just steam your food, it actually grills it. You really get that smoky and juicy flavor you love so much.
The taste doesn't come from the flames, the carcinogen or from whatever was left on your grill 3 years ago. It comes from the marinade, the BBQ sauce and from the seasoning, which caramelizes the flavor back into your food while still providing you with that tasty flavor you desire.
Non toxic (FDA approved): Nothing of the material leaches into your food.
Non sticking: Doesn't matter if you cook meat, vegetables or marinade, the food does not stick on the mat.
Doesn't allow you to waste food: Everything stays on the mat rather than falling into the grill. The mat does not stick on to the grill.
And don't worry; The grill lines remain as well! Just wash and use again!  


Place the smartgrill on the grid


On top place the food evenly


  • Easy to clean: Simply clean it like every other dish in your home!
  • Long lived: The mats can be used for at least 5 years.
  • Size: 15.7 by 11.8 inches (40 by 30 cm)


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