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Adjustable 7 Layer Stainless Steel Round Cutter, DIY Layered Cake Slicer

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Adjustable Stainless Steel Round Cutter,  DIY Layered Cake Slicer is a necessity for bakery, cake store and home. This is an ideal for make round cake, easy to expand or shrink ring size, you can make cake with different size you want. It is a perfect item for making cakes 

Love your cakes? Make them 7 layers!

Slice up to 7 even layers EASILY and FAST

4" tall

Adjustable Diameter 6-8"

Stainless Steel.

How to Use:

1) Place slicer around cake.

2) Adjust diameter to fit snugly around cake.

3) While holding cake firmly, cut by following steel ring guide gaps.

Please allow 2-4 week for shipping.