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LED Dog Collar For Night Safety

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It's 9 pm and your puppy is scratching at the front door because he's got to pee. You grab a leash, strap it on and go for a walk. As you're crossing the street, a car approaches and behind the wheel is a middle-aged man who recently started having trouble seeing clearly while driving at night. It appears that he's approaching you at a faster rate than he should because he has yet to see the stop sign ahead, but what he does see is a strange light going across the street and decides to slow down to take a closer look. That strange light is this LED collar around your pup's neck. It saved both of you from being involved in an accident.

Night safety is important, don't take chances.Get your puppy an LED collar. It's more than a purchase, it's an investment.

Size Chart (measure your dogs neck):

XS = Length (7 - 10.5) inches

S = Length (13 - 16.5) inches

M = Length (14.5 - 19) inches

L = Length (15.7 - 21) inches

XL = Length (16.5 - 23) inches

Package Includes: 1 LED Dog Collar

Colors: Red, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Black, Green, Orange. 

Flashing mode: Steady Light, Fast Flash, Slow flash, Off (via switch control ) 

Battery Life: 60-80 hours (2-3 months)

Please allow 5 to 10 business days for delivery.